Fast and dedicated reefer logistics

Cool Carriers focuses on fast, dedicated, and direct transportation of perishable cargo. Our tailor-made service activities are appreciated by our customers, since we offer flexibility and quick response to satisfy their needs.
30 000 000+
Cargo Capacity in CBFT
Operated vessels
Regular customers
6 000+
Reefer Containers

Reefer Solutions

  • Deciduous fruits from Chile to USEC and USWC
  • Kiwifruits from New Zealand to Europe
  • Citrus from South Africa to China and Japan
  • Citrus from Argentina and Uruguay to North Europe and Russia
  • Seafood from Alaska to North Europe
  • Bananas from Central and South America
  • Vegetables from Northern Europe to West Africa
  • Citrus from South Africa to North Europe and Russia
  • Seafood from the Northern Atlantic to various destinations
  • Seafood from Asia to various destinations
  • Citrus from Morocco to the US and Canada

Our company specializes in cargo transportation of perishable goods on refrigerated vessels. Our vessels are capable to carry cargo either inside of refrigerated holds or in reefer containers on deck. The holds of our ships are equipped with modern cooling and ventilation systems which allow maintaining optimal carriage conditions for any type of cargo. A reliable thermal insulation system makes it possible to use different cooling sections of the cargo holds for transporting products that require different temperature regime, and it also minimizes the risk of damage of the goods.

Cool Carriers is the world’s largest operator of specialized reefer ships. We operate a fleet of 50 vessels. Most of them have a big container capacity and cranes for self-sustaining container handling. Some of our ships are equipped with sophisticated Controlled Atmosphere systems (CA), which keeps the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as well as the temperature and humidity of a cooling section regulated. Needless to say , all the vessels are manned with highly trained crews.

Cool Carriers is involved in all the major reefer activities worldwide. Our specialized reefer vessels carry Bananas, Deciduous Fruits, Citrus, Kiwifruits, Pineapples, Frozen Meat and Fish. Cool Carriers is a member of the 360Q organization and focuses on being Fast, Dedicated and Direct.


Fast Delivery
Experienced team
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Our reefer containers

Internal dimensions
11.588 m
2.280 m
2.537 m
2.290 m
2.569 m
Note: Inside height is to maxi storage height.
Cubic capacity
67.000 m3
Maximum Payload
30.000 Kgs
Tare Weight
4.500 Kgs
Maximum Gross Weight
35.000 Kgs
Temperature, ventilation, and humidity control
18m power cable
Sealable drain holes to release condensation when necessary
Maximum load line to allow air circulation

Transportation of goods in the holds of refrigerated vessels

Our company specializes in the transportation of goods in refrigerated ships’ holds. We have large-capacity vessels equipped with ventilation temperature control. We provide round-the-clock monitoring of your cargo, which improves the quality of transportation of perishable products – the products that require specific temperature conditions. Most commonly, these are fruits – bananas, kiwis, grapes and citrus fruits, also frozen stuff like meat and fish, can be well transported .

Impressive capacity of vessels

Our vessels can accommodate from 4500 to 6500 pallets in holds. The pallets can also be placed in refrigerated containers on deck. That allows us to additionally take on board up to 6400 pallets in best case.

Reliable refrigeration for all types of products

The hold of every vessel has from 3 to 5 compartments, named A for upper to D for lowest possible.

Generally, each hold is divided into 2 sections. (Very rarely into 3)

A Cooling section is a part of the hold where delivery temperature is the same and cannot vary. Therefore, having 2 cooling sections in the hold, enables vessels to carry different cargo in each section. For example, bananas with +13,3C and apples with +1,0C.  This is achieved by special high resistance thermal isolation between cooling sections. The Standard description of a hold looks like AB/CD, what means 2 cooling sections — AB and CD.

The cooling sections are equipped with a refrigerating plant, designed to maintain temperature regime in the range from -20 to +15 degrees. Modern cooling systems provide optimal conditions for transporting even the most demanding cargos like bananas – the carrying temperature of which must be 13.3 degrees exactly.

Ventilation system


Holds are equipped with vents which allow fresh air to circulate there freely, preventing moisture from reaching the cargo and contributing to the outflow of CO2.



Control of the process of transportation

Cargo holds are equipped with control sensors which transmit information about the current temperature conditions inside each compartment to the on-board computers. The system allows the crew to constantly monitor the conditions of carriage and, if the indicators differ from the calculated ones, to quickly correct the situation.

The risks of cargo damage are reduced to zero, which means that our customers can always be sure that their goods will reach their destination in perfect condition.

Conditions for transporting a refrigerated cargo


Depending on the conditions of transportation of any cargo (deciduous products, fruits, meat etc.), the system maintains the correct temperature during the entire transportation.

Therefore, the transported goods will not be damaged.


Ventilation protects the chilled goods from damage, which can be caused by a build-up of carbon dioxide and ethylene. If too much carbon dioxide accumulates inside the container, the internal tissues of the goods like pears and apples may become discolored. Ethylene is a hormone produced by all fruits, vegetables and flowers. Although it is necessary for the ripening process of a fruit, it can damage products like green vegetables.

However, our reefer units are equipped with vents which allow fresh air to circulate freely, preventing moisture from reaching the cargo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 360 Quality Code mean?

The 360 Quality Code sets requirements for ships, terminals, and trades which should be followed in order not to damage cargo and to control the safety of products during shipping. More information on the 360 Quality Code can be found on the website

How large and what type of containers Cool Carriers can work with?

We carry containers of different types and sizes. They can be either dry or refrigerated, their dimensions can be either 20′ or 40′ feet. General characteristics can be found here. Measurement for each unit may vary.

Do reefer vessels carry containers?

Yes, all our reefer vessels can carry containers both dry and refrigerated. The temperature is monitored 24/7.

What type of cargos Cool Carriers can carry?

Cool Carriers carries mainly perishable products, both palletized and containerized. Frozen meat and seafood, fruits like bananas, pineapples and kiwifruits are transported on board our vessels.
We also transport cars, trucks and yachts.

Does Cool Carriers provide services for the delivery of cargo to the vessel and the delivery of cargo from the vessel to the receiver?

Sure, we can organize door-to-door deliveries, including picking up of the cargo from the place of shipment and delivering it directly to the receiver.

What is a reefer vessel?

A reefer vessel is a ship for ocean transportation of perishable and frozen cargo. It is equipped with refrigerating plants which can maintain temperature from -20 to +15.

What are the vessel types Cool Carriers has?

Сool Carriers has around 50 refrigerated cargo vessels able to carry containers, pallets, bags and cars.

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