Company history

We have a long rich history, and we are excited for the future of our company!

About Cool Carriers

Cool Carriers begins its history back in 1932, when shipping company Salèn was founded.
Salèn was at that time one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. Reefers, tankers, dry cargos, ferries, terminals and other shipping related items. In 1984, the company was split. Various shipping departments went different ways and created a number of new shipping organizations. One of the new companies was named Cool Carriers AB which took over the reefer part of Salen’s business.
Cool Carriers’ fleet covered the entire span, from 270.000 cbft to 900,000 cbft, and became an important part of all the global reefer segments.

For a couple of decades the company worked independently but the time for consolidation came in 2001. The Reefer division of big Danish shipping house Lauritzen Shipping and Cool Carriers merged and created LauritzenCool.

Japanese shipowner NYK Line, which was the world’s biggest shipping company in the 80’s and 90’s decided to join the LauritzenCool group with its entire reefer fleet. In 2005, the company became NYKLauritzenCool.

In 2007, Lauritzen decided to leave the reefer part of shipping and its name was removed from the company logo — it now has a new name, NYKCool.

Later, in 2014, the company returned to its former name, Cool Carriers, after NYK Line’s decision to quit the specialized reefer segment of shipping business.

Since then the company has the original Cool Carriers’ flag and logo.